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A non-profit organisation offering violin lessons in a space where youngsters and families from advantaged and disadvantaged communities can interact, learn and play together and become friends

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Muzukidz – changing lives through music

Muzukidz was founded in Cape Town, South Africa in January 2015. Since then the organisation has developed a platform where youngsters and families from all cultural and economic backgrounds can learn, play together and interact.

To date, more than 350 primary school learners have been introduced to the opportunity to receive free violin tuition on an ongoing basis. 

In addition to regular radio and television appearances, many of them already enjoy performing at public events, concerts and festivals in and around Cape Town.



Muzukidz learn “al fresco” during lockdown

Muzukidz learn “al fresco” during lockdown

Muzukidz loved learning in alternative spaces during the lockdown. Whatever it takes, we will continue to make music! Here are a few moments from our last week of lessons and playing before the...

Beautiful News features Muzukidz

Beautiful News features Muzukidz

On 20 July 2020, Beautiful News published a beautiful insert entitled "How free online violin lessons are orchestrating hope in townships".  Watch it here: In South Africa’s townships, the melodies...

Muzukidz in Port Elizabeth

Muzukidz in Port Elizabeth

Established in Cape Town already, the hearts and minds of young children in Port Elizabeth can now also experience the magic of Muzukidz. 160 students have been introduced to the program since May...

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There are many ways of becoming part of the Muzukidz dream.  

Corporate sponsorship, private donations and fundraising projects are a few options.  You may have a useful service to offer, or an unused violin to donate.  

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Donate a violin

Ever wondered what to do with your child’s beginner violin(s) once he / she is ready to move on? Or do you just happen to have an old child-sized violin lying around, or do you know of someone who does?

Your unused violin is a treasure for a potential Muzukid. Donating a violin can change the course of someone’s future. Please consider passing on the gift of music.