As Covid-19 paralyses the world around us, Muzukidz too has had to put a temporary stop doing what we love most, which is creating a dream through teaching the violin to children from disadvantaged communities.

However, Covid-19 will not put a stop to our essential mission which is to provide hope and a better reality for our children and their families.  We believe that there are many South Africans like us, who have the ability and desire to make a difference for those who are and will be the worst affected by this crisis, and we invite you to join our drive or simply be inspired to create your own.  Being locked down does NOT mean that your hands are cut off; we just need to find alternative ways of helping. 

Supplying Food and Essential Items

We will facilitate the purchase of food and essential items in order to assist as many families as we can afford (but at least the 20 families we are directly connected to) during the time. We will purchase in bulk as far as possible, and will arrange for the driver whom we employ to transport our children to after school performances and practices, to collect the goods, together with one of our children’s mothers, who is permitted to travel.

Supplying data bundles to keep our families connected and to share practice tips

Most of our families have lost the little income they had, for the foreseeable future.  While the supply of basic needs like food and sanitation receive priority, we also believe that it is essential for families to remain connected. Furthermore, we would love for the children to remain connected to their music – this is after all a large part of their lives and playing the violin may provide some joy and hope in a time of uncertainty.  We will be sending short clips for the children to practice if / when they are able to do so, and inspirational messages to keep them going.

Care for children whose safety may compromised

Should the situation of any of our Muzukidz require intervention, eg. in the case of unrest breaking out in their residential area, domestic violence or any other situation which may have a traumatic effect on the child, we intervene by providing safe accommodation 


There are various ways in which you can get involved.  We would welcome financial contributions as well as food and other essential items.  You may choose to sponsor data for one or more families, or perhaps you have a service to offer or another idea of how to assist.  We are open to and would greatly appreciate any assistance.  At the same time, perhaps what we are doing is merely opening your mind to ways of reaching someone you may know who needs your help right now – we support this and encourage you to go all the way!  

Please feel free to Contact us to connect.

It’s very simple – I’m just connecting. Through my work, I just happen to know 20 amazing families in the township, and I happen to know people from more affluent areas who are wanting to participate and help. I happen to be connected to a driver and one of our parents is an essential worker who happens to travel to town each day.  So I’m just acting as a channel to connect.  We will find money to buy the food, data and other essential items that the people are needing, and through this channel we know that it will be distributed sensibly and that we will be making a much needed difference.

Maria Botha - Founder of Muzukidz

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