Phumzile Hadi

“Playing the violin shows that I am not just a girl. I am a girl with a lot of talent”




Phumzile Hadi (8 years old, Grade 3) is her parents, Phumla and Alfred’s, pride and joy. Dad says the violin is like a second parent to them: “it keeps Phumzile grounded and is shaping her for her future.”

“The violin means a lot to us. I could see the difference in Phumzile from the day she started playing this instrument,” says Alfred, who believes that discipline and improved concentration are some of the best outcomes of the Muzukidz programme.

For him and his wife Phumla, the violin has created a new facet in their life. Where other children in their area would be exposed to gangsterism and crime, they have the assurance that Phumzile is safe at home, practising her violin. “In our township, our children are exposed to violence, rape, crime and bad peer pressure. We did not want Phumzile to be exposed to these influences. The violin improved our lives.”

Alfred says Muzukidz unified them as parents. “We are one big family and help each other where we can – with transporting our children to events, helping out after school and just being there for each other’s support.”

But getting Phumzile and her friends to the Good Hope Seminary Junior School in Cape Town every day is no easy feat. The family has to get up at 4am every school morning so that Phumzile can get a taxi which takes her and her friends to Cape Town. “We have no other means of getting our children to school and have to trust the driver with our children,” says Alfred, who did his best to find a suitable taxi operator for transporting the children.

Phumzile is not the only member of the Hadi family that is doing well with music. Dad Alfred has an older son who is an opera singer while doing his post-grad in psychology and music at the University of Cape Town.

“I want to teach violin one day when I am all grown up,” says Phumzile, “just like Maria!”. Phumzile says she loves to show her talent, therefore playing the violin in front of a lot of people is the best.

“Playing the violin shows that I am not just a girl. I am a girl with a lot of talent,” she says with confidence.

Apart from the violin, Phumzile also takes drama lessons and karate on an extramural basis.

Phumzile Hadi and her parents Phumla and Alfred.